Somebody to stay.

February 5th - 5:02 A.M. - Goiás, Brazil
A letter for the people who will appear in my life.

Days pass by just like people come and go in my life, but now I'm looking for someone who will stay. I have a collection of living body names that go through mine, whom now are nothing but ghosts from the past.
I don't care what you did in the past, if you have green hair or if you mind is made up with theories that I do not agree. I only care if you're here to stay.
I hope you can see how I will try my best to know every piece of your heart, mind and body and I also hope when you look at me you'll look through my soul. I hope you can understand why I am so fixed with nostalgia feelings or "saudade" as it is in the Portuguese dictionaries and how words can easily affect me.
I am saying this because I don't understand; I was the one who wanted most to leave but I was the one left behind. I am saying this because I'm tired of feeling like I don't belong where I live, just because of the loneliness river that it is permanently in my body, just like it is a bloodstream.

I can not promise many things but I am allowed to promise you that I won't go anywhere.

Sincerely yours,
Ana Paula Oliveira Albuquerque; the loner

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